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  • Intitek always attaches to guarantee its customers and its employees a position on future jobs and growth markets, See jobs.
  • Intitek always attaches to guarantee its customers and its employees a position on future jobs and growth markets, See jobs.


Positioned on future job trends and growth markets, a diversified offering organized around 5 the sectors of activity

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TMA is an industrial partner for the design and production of electronic products, automation and test benches

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  • Thanks to INTITEK it’s in the bag !

    INTITEK Polska   banque en ligne VFElectronic banking is one of the most advanced fields of this industry in Poland. Moreover, Poland leads in plenty of innovation in electronic banking rankings which include countries from around the world. INTITEK, as a company which is involved in progressive technological solutions, does not stay unconcerned, but actively attend in revolution in electronic banking which is taking place nowadays.

    Thanks to knowledge and skills of our consultants, INTITEK Poland increases its engagement in cooperation with financial institutions in matters of developing the web applications and securing the cashless transactions. Currently our specialists are developing advanced mobile banking applications and  the system which is integrating information about loans and bank deposits.

    Developers in INTITEK, who are working on banking applications, are mostly using the newest technologies provided by companies like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. They are using Mainframe computers as well as supercomputers and server platforms. Developing banking applications, our .Net programmers are using the brand new .Net Core framework while our Java Developers  are using Spring framework.

    Due to dynamic development of INTITEK, ambition to deliver uncompromising solutions for our Clients and exciting projects for our specialists, we are expanding our development teams in banking sector. If you want to join INTITEK, send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • INTITEK develops Embedded Systems teams in Poland

    INTITEK   ElectroniqueMainly for the Railway and Automotive industry, we are expanding teams of IT specialists developing and testing embedded systems.

    Mainly in the scope:

    • Powertrain and Chassis Control
    • Signaling control
    • Body Electronics
    • Multimedia Applications
    • Integrated systems and services

    The approach to the development and testing of embedded systems that we use covers the entire cycle from REQUIREMENT & SPECIFICATION, by ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN, CODING, TESTING to VALIDATION AND SUPPORT.

    To accomplish the above tasks we are looking for specialists in our main locations in Poland: Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Krakow.

    In 2017 and 2018 we will be recruiting searching for C, C ++ / C #, Perl, Python, UML, TestStand, TestLink, LabVIEW, ALM skills.

    Check out our recruitment on Praca.pl and our FaceBook and LinkedIn profile.

  • New BI and ERP projects in Intitek

    INTITEK Polska   BIINTITEK Polska works on several long-term business intelligence and ERP implementation projects for a leading international telecommunications services provider in Europe.

    • in the field of DWH, the task of Intitek is to design and implement ETL solutions using PL / SQL and Informatica Power Center and optimize SAP BI reporting environments and ORACLE databases. Our goal is to improve the performance of the SAP BI reporting environment by optimizing SQL, PL / SQL queries. We will create queries to get KPIs, optimize the SAP BI reports, and automate the capture and loading of ETL data to DWH for reporting purposes.
    • in the area of ERP we will focus mainly on the implementation of billing solutions based on Oracle BRM. Our consultants will be involved in the whole process; from business analysis, solution design, technical documentation preparation, to deployment, configuration and testing.

    In this context we are looking for SAP BI Specialist, ETL Programmers, PL / SQL, Data Warehouse Analysts as well as Oracle BRM Specialists. If you are looking for interesting international projects, check out our offers at www.praca.pl  and our news on LinkedIn.

  • Back-End- the other side of the website

    Intitek   Dev info 2Web development is widely understood as websites and intranet sites creation. It pertains to creating simple sites, based only on text as well as complex portals and social network sites. Nowadays instead of building basic websites we can observe the tendency to create CMS (Content Management Systems). The CMS’s main feature is to work as a middleware between the user and the database, on which the system is build.

    In the web development we can distinguish three types of professionals: Front-End (we wrote about it here), Back-End and Full Stack Developers.

    The task of the front-end specialist is to create the website which is adjusted to the potential user in the most aesthetic and user-friendly way. Back-end developer must build a website with high functionality and high responsiveness.

    Back-end development refers to the part of the server side, focusing on the issues related to the functioning of the page. The work is mainly focused on servers or databases, which are invisible at first glance. Code written by the developer allows us for example to search information on websites.
    Back-end developers use languages such as Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python and .NET. These languages are also used in the development of dynamic pages whose content is constantly changed and updated, such as Facebook or Google Maps.

    In INTITEK Polska, we are currently looking for Full Stack Developers and Back-end Developers with knowledge of the various technologies. We encourage you to familiarize with our job opportunities here !

  • Front end: a mix of techniques and art

    Intitek   offre demploiWeb applications are constantly evolving and becoming more and more advanced. Implementing the Flash technology on the websites is not so common as it used to be, and using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript in web development is a new standard. In addition, the popularity of mobile devices makes creating mobile versions of websites inevitable.

    In INTITEK, we realize that in the job of Front-end Developer keeping up to date with the new tools is crucial. However, equally important is understanding the new trends, knowledge of principles and sense of aesthetics of interfaces such like Microsoft's Metro UI or Material Design UI, which is being used by Google.

    We make sure that our front-end developers are constantly up to date with the latest technologies and trends. We hire not only technical experts but also artists on this position.

    We are currently looking UX Designer and Front-End Developer. We encourage you to check all open positions in Intitek Polska here : https://www.praca.pl/s-intitek.html?p=intitek+

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  • The flexibility and responsiveness of a human-sized structure combined with the financial power of our shareholders.

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